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Campaign Update #5: 23 November 2023

News has come in from Australia of yet another new campaign against the WHO power grab.

Opponents of the WHO had already set up the group 'Australia Exits the WHO', while the doctors' group, the 'Australian Medical Professionals Society' has also raised its powerful voice against the WHO's proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations.

Now a new group has been formed, 'Stand Up Now Australia' [contact:]. They aim to mobilise Australians into demanding that their MPs take action to stop the WHO power grab.

They say, "We are a group of Australians who want to save Australia from the evils of the controlled World Health Organisation, whose International Health Regulation Amendments would impose various draconian measures against the population, a scenario that our Constitution was designed to prevent..."

You can read more about their campaign here

Meanwhile, during a SMER (Slovenská Sociálna Demokracia) party conference, recently-elected Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico declared that his government will not sign the World Health Organisation’s Pandemic Treaty, and SMER Members of Parliament will not ratify in parliament the Pandemic Treaty with the WHO because “it is a project of greedy pharmaceutical companies.”

Read the whole story here


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