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I belong to a political group whose members may be sympathetic to your campaign and therefore opposed to any attempted sovereignty grab. I have a fold-up camping table to act as a signing area, and we will certainly be putting several completed cards into envelopes. Please send me 400 cards.

Mark from Dorset

Thank you very much for organising this campaign... I wish to do something which may help to get the message across that we don't want our hard-won sovereignty handed over to any, but particularly not dubious unelected, un-invited outside organisa-tions or individuals. So I'm keen to order some cards from you. 

Pat from Surrey

Our governmental leaders, as well as the King, are all participants of the WEF meetings and their ideology. We have nothing to lose but much to gain by taking this action. Thank you for co-ordinating this action. We have also made petition to the UK government for this so-called treaty to be debated and rejected.

Norman from Essex

I can make good use of your cards; me and my work colleagues are sick to death of the way we are being treated, most have lost hope – partly because they bought into the vaccines – I don't know how many of my work mates are suffering various illnesses... absolutely we are not complying.

Allison from Clydebank

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