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As a courtesy, this letter informing King Charles of the campaign has already gone to the Palace


Our letter to King Charles


Read the complete text below…




The WHO Threat to our ability to govern ourselves.


We write respectfully as Your Majesty’s loyal subjects.


During Your Majesty’s recent coronation, you swore on oath, before God, Parliament and your subjects, to yield none of our national powers to any international organisation. This means preserving our right to govern ourselves under the Bill of Rights and common law. We, as your subjects, declare loyalty to Your Majesty, but in return we expect you to keep your Oath to preserve our inalienable right to govern ourselves.


Unless you act decisively, Your Majesty’s government will shortly breach our right to govern ourselves. It gave provisional approval in May 2021 to the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty and its accompanying International Health Regulations. This Treaty would confer unprecedented personal power upon the unelected Director of the WHO to be able to declare a worldwide health pandemic, and to mandate your government to take extreme measures to control any such pandemic by ordering national lockdowns, compulsory vaccination and the closing of national borders.


The WHO is unelected and unaccountable. Moreover, the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty would give sole powers in any future pandemic to its Director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The WHO has from the beginning sought to take worldwide powers. Its first Director, Brock Chisholm, spoke frequently on this issue, repeatedly insisting that, “to achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from men’s minds their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.” The WHO is a threat to the independence of the United Kingdom.  


On 24 May this year, WHO boss Tedros declared, “The world must prepare for a virus that is even deadlier than Covid. The threat of another variant emerging that causes new surges of disease and death remains, as does the threat of another pathogen emerging with even deadlier potential.” Yet one of the key lessons of the Covid-19 epidemic is how wrong the WHO was on so many issues.


Crucially, the WHO recommended ‘lockdowns’ as the best means of controlling the spread of the virus. There is little or no evidence that these worked, but there is huge evidence of the vast damage they caused: many businesses and livelihoods ruined; the depression, mental illness and loneliness caused by isolation; children unable to go to school; the financial cost of propping up businesses etc. It has also been shown that people’s immune systems were weakened by isolation. Other serious mistakes were made by the WHO; they recommended mask-wearing; yet all studies to date show that wearing masks had no effect on the transmission of Covid-19.


The WHO claims that they know best what to do in a pandemic, yet the case of Sweden shows how wrong they were. While nearly every European country blindly followed the WHO’s diktats, the Swedish Director of Health ignored their advice, merely advising the public to take sensible precautions. Their Covid ‘death rate’ was less than those of other countries, but without the horrors of a lockdown.


As your government is preparing to give one man sole responsibility for the world’s response to any pandemic, we respectfully advise Your Majesty as follows. Tedros’s main claim to fame before being installed as WHO Director was as the second-in-command to the militant Tigray People’s Liberation Front. Later, as a health minister in the Ethiopian government, he failed disastrously to contain three separate cholera outbreaks, and covered up his errors. The New York Times report, 13 May 2017, ‘Candidate to Lead the WHO Accused of Covering Up Epidemics’, gives further details.


Furthermore, Tedros only became WHO Director due to the Chinese government’s pressure on African, Asian and South American nations to vote for him. We respectfully refer Your Majesty to this passage in the Washington Post’s article of 25 October 2017, “China worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help Tedros defeat the United Kingdom candidate for the WHO job, David Nabarro. Tedros’s victory was also a victory for Beijing, whose leader Xi Jinping has made public his goal of flexing China’s muscle in the world.” Tedros is being given unprecedented powers by your government. No-one should be given such powers, but for these powers to be given to Tedros is surely unthinkable.


Moreover, the WHO recently published a further document (WHO CA+ Bureau Draft) which, if implemented, would result in a highly centralised global public health governance which would not only further remove national sovereignty in a health emergency but also gives the WHO powers to monitor and censor dissenting voices (Article 18). In May this year, North Korea won a seat on the WHO Executive Board allowing the current supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, to influence the WHO’s agency, policies and appointments, which potentially includes an eventual replacement for Tedros.


Unless Your Majesty’s government rescinds its provisional agreement by 27 November 2023, these totalitarian powers assumed by the WHO will take effect from 27 May 2024.


We believe this would be totally unacceptable to your subjects as a breach of our Constitution.

The unelected WHO is wholly unaccountable to your government yet claims to have the authority to override the decisions of our democratically elected Parliament. Moreover, we believe that acceptance of these proposals via the Royal Assent or by any other means would be a direct violation of Your Majesty’s Coronation Oath to yield none of our national powers to any international organisation.


From Magna Carta to the unrepealed Bill of Rights (1689) the principle is enshrined in our law that:


“No foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.”


Your Majesty’s subjects restored the Constitutional position in the Referendum on 23 June 2016 in which the people decided that we should be free of rule by the European Union.


In order to uphold the law, we hereby exercise our constitutional right to petition you to stop our government giving any powers to the WHO or any other international organisation such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations or any of the international banking organisations which are promoting central bank digital currencies and looking to replace cash payments.


To make Your Majesty aware of the strength of public feeling on this issue, we have devised the ‘Petition the King’ campaign to encourage individuals to appeal directly to you to protect our inalienable rights for exclusive, national self-governance. This will take the form of distributing many thousands of Petition postcards addressed to you, opposing the giving of Royal Assent to any legislation or other measure giving powers to the WHO or any international organisation.

We also plan to issue regular bulletins on the immediacy and danger of your government ceding powers to the WHO.


We seek Your Majesty’s written assurance that you will remain faithful to your most solemn oath to keep our nation free from foreign rule so that we, the people, are then able to maintain our loyalty to Your Majesty as our King.


We are, Sir, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servants.



Graham Wood


The Petition Committee

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