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Campaign update #1 07.08.23

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

CAMPAIGN UPDATE NO. 2: Monday 7 August 2023.

Today we received another batch of orders, bringing the total to 111 orders received so far, with cards #0001 to #5215 already sent out.

Our largest single order to date was from Philip Wren, of Haywards Heath, Sussex, who sends out a Christian newsletter, Trumpet Sounds. He ordered 500 'purple postcards' to send one to each of his subscribers. Read his article about our campaign here.

Our next biggest order was from campaigner Anne, of West Lothian, who ordered 400 cards. Another order was for 250 cards, with five more orders of 200 and a further 16 of 100 cards.


Many orders are now coming through due to a recent article in the HEART newspaper. On page 16 of their August-September issue is a full-page article titled: 'THE WHO’s POWER GRAB, PART 2: Time is running out to save our medical freedoms'. Read the article here… (click on ‘PDF version’)

Further down the page is an article titled, ‘It’s not too late to petition the king’, accompanied by a photo of our Treasurer, Anthony Bennett, posting postcard #00001. ‘Thank you’ to Melanie Symonds, HEART Editor, from all of us at the Petition the King campaign for your excellent coverage of this urgent issue.


It’s obvious that many of you recognise the seriousness of the situation and are grateful we have organised this way for you to protest at our government’s decision to sign up to this totalitarian WHO Treaty. King Charles III made a solemn promise to guard our nation’s independence. He must act to stop the government handing over powers to the WHO.

Here are some of the comments you’ve made:

"Thank you for a great initiative” – Valerie, Sussex

Wishing you the very best success for your campaign” – Paul, Middlesex

I applaud you for this initiative” – Janet, Nottinghamshire


Our attractive two-sided flyers are now available.

Contact us at or ‘phone Anthony on 07835 716537.

The flyers are free but a small donation will help us to print many more.


Some of you are asking whether King Charles has answered our letter to him of 4th July. Answer: Not yet.


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