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British government confirms commitment to WHO pandemic treaty

So, the British government has given its agreement to the Pandemic Preparedness Accord! It is worth bearing in mind the words they used when making an official response to the successful online petition against the proposed Pandemic Accord (over 156,000 signatures.

They wrote this:

"The current target date for agreeing the text of the new instrument [the Pandemic Accord] is at the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Over the next two years the UK aims to work towards building a consensus on how the global community can better prevent, prepare for, and respond to future pandemics and will actively shape, develop and negotiate the text. The new instrument would only be adopted by the World Health Assembly if the text achieves a two-thirds vote of the Health Assembly (Article 19 of the WHO Constitution). The Health Assembly is made up of representatives of WHO Member States.

Once adopted, the instrument would only become binding on the UK if and when the UK accepts (ratifies) it in accordance with its constitutional process. In the UK this requires the treaty to be laid before Parliament for a period of 21 sitting days before the Government can ratify it on behalf of the UK.

The Government always carefully considers whether domestic legislation will be required to implement the UK’s international obligations when negotiating a treaty. Not every treaty requires implementing legislation and it is too early to say if that would apply here."

So, we now know these two very important things:

1. The British government actually supports this horrendous international agreement which gives the W.H.O. and its boss Tedros unlimited powers to declare actual or even potential pandemics and impose, worldwide, draconian responses such as lockdowns, shutting of hospital wards, schools and businesses, isolation, quarantine and compulsory vaccination.

2. The British government says that although major international agreements normally need to be ratified under British law, this may not be necessary with the Pandemic Accord.

So, we at the Petition the King Campaign will now redouble our efforts to persuade King Charles and the British government to REFUSE to implement the Pandemic Accord. We will be making renewed appeals to the British public to sign and send off our purple petition postcards to the King in the lead-up to the World Health Assembly, when they hope to get this wretched agreement confirmed.

Stay in touch with us for further updates and find the full article here.


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