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Campaign update #2 30.08.23

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

CAMPAIGN UPDATE NO. 3: Tuesday 29 August 2023.

Orders for our purple postcards continue to flow in at the rate of over four a day, with 1,000 cards a week now going out all over the UK. It’s also becoming clear that news of our Petition The King card is being spread rapidly by word of mouth.

Among those ordering cards was Matthew Bell, who wrote: “I have my own platform with a small reach. I work full-time and occasionally write the odd article based on information I have found out and my own experience over the past three years. I’ve uploaded this article based on the information on the card and your site is back-linked to my website, so traffic will hopefully come to you if you share this link. It is a safe link, though Google might imply it isn’t through its search engine – as they use algorithms to restrict traffic going to conservative-leaning sites. I will share it on my platforms – Gab, Instagram and Twitter – but it is down to you to share elsewhere, such as Facebook or Telegram.”

Read his article about our campaign here.

Recent messages received include these:

“Send me another 100 cards please. They’re going like hot cakes around here” – Lyn from Surbiton

“Our governmental leaders, as well as the King, are all participants of the WEF meetings and their ideology. We have nothing to lose but much to gain by taking this action. Thank you for co-ordinating this action. We have also made petition to the UK government for this so-called treaty to be debated and rejected. I believe the deadline is 30th November by which time we must reject the proposed amendments.” - Norman from Essex

“It was good to briefly talk with you on the phone. It’s excellent that you are putting in such an effort for UK folk to retain our liberties.” - Antony from Somerset

“I belong to a political group whose members may be sympathetic to your campaign and therefore opposed to any attempted sovereignty grab. I have a fold-up camping table to act as a signing area, and we will certainly be putting several completed cards into envelopes. Please send me 400 cards.” - Mark from Dorset

“I can make good use of your cards, me and my work colleagues are sick to death of the way we are being treated most have lost hope - in part because they bought into the vaccines - I didn't know how many of my work mates are suffering various illnesses… absolutely we are not complying.” - Allison from Clydebank, Scotland

“Thank you - fantastic idea, I will be sharing wherever I can." – Ava from the Midlands

“Hi, Thank you for sharing this, I say Amen, we must speak the truth in love, bless you.” - Lesley from Durham

“Thank you very much for organising this campaign which I heard about from reading ‘The Conservative Woman’. I wish to do something which may help to get the message across that we don't want our hard-won sovereignty handed over to any, but particularly not dubious unelected, uninvited outside organisations or individuals. So I'm keen to order some cards from you. Our government is so deaf to our valid objections! I dearly hope the King will listen. I hope to spread the message of what is being proposed by our government in relation to the WHO and hope that, once people realise what a radical departure from our normal values the WHO Treaty/IHR amendments would be for us, that they will agree that the 'purple postcards' are an excellent idea too.” - Pat from Surrey

“Thank you for this great initiative.” - Valerie from Sussex

“Let’s pray that King Charles will take this warning and withhold his royal consent to anything that would damage this country and our freedoms - Ruth from Lincolnshire

“Please send me 100 cards saying ‘No’ to the WHO power grab and keep the change.” - Piers from Dorset

“I am all for this campaign.” - Tony from Hampshire

“Thank you for bringing this petition into being. I am praying that the postcards will be very effective.” - Pam from Liverpool

“What a splendid initiative you are undertaking.” - Dinah from Worcestershire


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